Dr. Aesha Chaudhry
Expert Wilmington Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Aesha Chaudhry

Our expert and friendly orthodontist, Aesha Chaudhry, DMD loves watching your smile and confidence transform when completing your treatment.

State-of-the-Art Treatment

Choosing to transform your smile and confidence through orthodontic treatment is very exciting. Dr. Chaudhry understands this and wants to make this process as comfortable and seamless as possible for you and your family.

Dr. Chaudhry has transformed smiles for nearly twenty years, and she understands that technology is always evolving. That’s why she works hard to bring your family the newest and most reliable options.

Whether it’s custom 3D-printed brace brackets, clear aligners, or even traditional braces, she loves discussing a custom treatment plan that works for your lifestyle. Dr. Chaudhry is standing by and ready to help you start your smile transformation today!

Great With Kids, Teens & Adults

Dr. Chaudhry was an accomplished board-certified pediatric dentist when she returned to school to become an orthodontist.

As a mom of teenagers herself, she can navigate all of the communication challenges for every age group.

Having this experience allows Dr. Chaudhry to provide the most comprehensive and customized care possible.

She helps adults, teenagers, and children feel at ease as they set out on this transformative journey.