Get Started

As a member of our family at Crystal Clear Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy our state-of-the-art treatments and friendly office. As a mom herself, Dr. Aesha Chaudhry will treat your children like her own.

Your First Visit

At Crystal Clear Orthodontics, we believe that the most crucial step is your first one—your free consultation exam. At this first appointment, we’ll get to know each other and how you’d like to change your smile.

You should feel comfortable when you start treatment with Dr. Chaudhry, and that means understanding your treatment options, cost, time frame and the end goal.

We’ll talk through financing and insurance options, and you can even start treatment on the same day!

What Happens at Your Free Consultation?

At your free orthodontic consultation in Wilmington, you will:

  • Talk to Dr. Chaudhry about your orthodontic issues and smile goals
  • Let us give you an in-depth oral exam
  • Have some photos and digital X-rays taken of your mouth
  • See a custom treatment plan from Dr. Chaudhry
  • Understand cost, insurance benefits and financing options
  • Get the option to begin braces or Invisalign at this appointment!

Pose any question to Dr. Chaudhry and our friendly team. You’ll learn everything there is to know about our doctor, office, flexible treatments, appointments, and affordable payment options at Crystal Clear Orthodontics.

Financing & Insurance

Dr. Chaudhry believes that everyone around Wilmington deserves a fantastic smile, so we’ll show you options so you can fit treatment into your budget.

Once Dr. Chaudhry determines a custom treatment plan and fee, you’ll hear about your options for our affordable braces and Invisalign.

Your Crystal Clear team will do everything possible to accommodate you and your family’s budget because you’ll get:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Automatic bank drafts
  • Help checking with your insurance company for orthodontic benefits

At Crystal Clear Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy top-tier service and treatments for reasonable fees.